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Discord Voice Chat Coming To Xbox With New Update


Jul 20, 2022

Microsoft has announced that the Discord Voice voice messaging platform is coming to Xbox consoles, creating an easier way for players to chat while they play. The social platform lets users communicate through both text messaging and voice calls, making it a reliable way to connect with both individuals and groups. A Discord connection with PlayStation consoles was implemented earlier this year, and it now appears that Xbox is embracing the popular platform too.

With the increasing prominence of online multiplayer gaming, Xbox has recently taken steps to improve its voice chat system and make communication easier. Players with a microphone and headset are able to easily speak to other gamers in a lobby, though this can often lead to unsavory interactions with other players. Xbox consoles also let users form a party, however, which allows them to only chat with their friends as they navigate through a game. Recent communication innovations have also been made by Xbox, allowing online chatter to be much more accessible for all gamers. Xbox party chat text-to-speech and speech-to-text, for example, lets players communicate with fellow gamers regardless of any hearing or speech impairments.

As announced by Xbox Wire, Discord Voice is coming to Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S to further enhance the consoles’ communication features. Users will be able to create Discord voice channels or host group calls directly from their consoles, with the cross-platform feature allowing communication between Xbox consoles, mobile devices and PCs. Discord Voice will also let Xbox players more easily adjust sound settings, see every user on a call and freely switch back to Xbox game chat. The exciting Discord integration will be available to Xbox Insiders starting today, with other Xbox users gaining access to the service in the near future.

While Discord Voice is not currently available on Sony’s consoles, PlayStation and Discord integration began taking shape earlier this year. PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 owners can now connect their PlayStation Network accounts to Discord, allowing other users to see whether they’re online and what games they’re playing. This is a small step towards the highly anticipated integration of Discord onto PS4 and PS5, which will reportedly let players create voice calls and group chats similar to the newly revealed Xbox features.

Discord is an extremely efficient and user-friendly communication platform, making its Xbox integration a massive boon to Microsoft’s consoles. Xbox Insiders will be able to experience enhanced audio chats very soon, with the rest of the Xbox community receiving the update in the near future. Xbox game chat is already effective, but the introduction of Discord will make it even easier to connect with friends and coordinate multiplayer matches.

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